Why use Obagi® Hydrate?

Moisturizing is essential for every skin care regimen.
Facial moisturizers are an important part of a daily skin care regimen.

Depending on the formulation, moisturizers may help:
•  Prevent and soothe dry skin
•  Protect sensitive skin
•  Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture

Moisturizers work by trapping water in the top layer of skin and forming a temporary barrier to help
prevent moisture from escaping through the skin surface.  Because everyone’s skin is unique,
be sure to ask your physician about the best moisturizer suited for your skin type and condition.

Obagi® Hydrate is clinically proven safe:
•  Dermatologist tested
•  Allergy tested
•  Hypoallergenic
•  Non-irritating
•  Non-sensitizing
•  Non-comedogenic

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