Take the Men's Hormone Test

Take the men’s hormone test and see how your hormones could be affecting your health. Many men don’t realize their hormones change with age, too. Don’t suffer with a hormonal imbalance when you can thrive. Let us figure out what’s going on and get you back to feeling your best!

First, take this preliminary hormone test. Then, we’ll contact you to explain the next steps. We look forward to helping you!

How to Take the Men’s Hormone Test

Below, you’ll choose the option that best describes your symptoms. Each symptom has several choices. Select the correct frequency (never, frequently, sometimes) from the drop down menu. Next, enter your name and contact information. Last, submit the test and someone from The Medical Spa will contact you with the results.

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Why choose The Medical Spa?

At The Medical Spa, we provide personalized care combined with medical expertise. In the beginning, we will personalize a plan for you based on your medical history, symptoms and lab results. Next, we will subscribe hormones based on your specific needs. Then, we will perform ongoing lab testing and monitoring to make sure you’re achieving optimal hormonal balance. Last, you will feel more balanced, healthy and happy!

Remember, we ALWAYS use bioidentical hormones in the safest form based on your medical needs!

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Experience in Age Management

Dr. David Thomas, Medical Director at Center for Age Management, knows how to help you heal from hormonal imbalance. He is board certified in internal medicine with over 25 years experience in internal medicine. Plus, he trained at Cenegenics where he received certification in Age Management Medicine in 2012.