Weight Managment Programs

Weight Management Programs

New Patient Visits

New patient visits include a consultation with a focused medical examination. A baseline body composition analysis will be performed. We also encourage patients to have a metabolic study. The metabolic study provides us with the scientific principles to screen for slow metabolism and to develop a customized weight loss program.

Patients’ weight loss options may include prescription appetite suppressants, injections, natural weight loss formulas and/or protein bars/shakes. We also offer the Optifast® weight loss program.

Our certified dietician is available for one-on-one or group educational sessions. Meeting with the dietician is optional, but has been found to be very helpful for long-term weight loss success. Patients are provided handouts with dietary instruction.

Follow-Up Visits
Follow-up visits are normally scheduled monthly but can be more frequent depending on the plan chosen. The follow-up visits include consultation with the staff, refill of prescription appetite suppressants and injections.  We have a very wide variety of protein bars and shakes available for purchase as well.


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