Here is a recent comment from one of our patients about Phentermine. 

Lisa W~

1) Helps me lose weight

2) Curves my appetite

3) It has made me more organized (I have completely decluttered my house and organized every cupboard and closet since Jan 2nd when I started)

4) I feel as if I have developed a positive form of OCD and pay attention to detail now, especially when it comes to doing house work, keeping things organized and staying on task when I have a lot of things to get done (with work and home)

5) It has made me more motivated to do things and get things done and not to procrastinate and wait to the very last minute

6) I stick to things (such as keeping the house clean and organized… in the past I would half way organize or clean the house and then in about 1 week it would be a total disaster again because I didnt stick to it… now it is not that way)

7) I am more energetic (esp. when it comes to teaching (I am an instructor) I can tell I have a better attitude and have more motivation and more energy and the students are so much more engaged now because I have such a better energy and feel more motivated to be a better and more effective and caring instructor to my students

It has been 1 month now and I am already down 8 pounds!!!!

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