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We have a deep passion to make

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Kimberly S.

”When you walk through the doors of The Medical Spa, you not only feel safe, but you feel like it’s a place where people understand. They’ll be there every single step of the way, to make sure that you succeed to meet your goals.“

Joy M.

When I started The Medical Spa, my BMI was 30. Now it is 23. My body-fat percentage was 47. Now it is 37. Out of the 48 pounds I lost, 38 were body fat! I was on cholesterol medication and medication for acid reflux. I am now off both of those medications, which is so amazing. I now have the energy to work out again. My family and friends are so happy for me as a result of becoming a healthier me. They are amazed at how much weight I have lost and the physical changes in my body. They continue to support me as I look for and pursue new athletic adventures to stay in shape. I certainly could not have done these things before I lost the weight.

Daniel & Amy W.

It’s not easy to lose weight with your spouse eating whatever they want across the table from you. That’s why we chose to start The Medical Spa together! We have lost a combined 141 pounds since we have been on the program. The Medical Spa staff was very encouraging and helpful. They made us feel like it wasn’t just a number when we stepped on the scale. This program has made us aware of what types of foods we were eating as well as portion control. We love that the program offers prepackaged food, though it is not necessary to lose weight and reach your goal. The Medical Spa has brought us much success. The program has allowed Alan to take less medication, which makes his primary care physician very happy! I’m not huffing and puffing when I walk up a flight of stairs anymore.

Janie F.

I was fed up and willing to do anything to change the way I looked and felt. So I joined The Medical Spa Program and committed to doing exactly what the staff told me to do. My original goal was to get back to my college weight. As the days and weeks went by, I began to lose pounds and inches. Within three months, I met my goal and lost another 8 pounds. Several months after achieving my goal, I became pregnant and had a beautiful little boy. Of course, after I had the baby, I had a little weight to lose. I rejoined and am back in my pre-pregnancy jeans! I tell everyone, The Medical Spa works!


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