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Many go through life suffering from symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, without knowing about alternative options out there. By taking this test, you are taking the first step in the right direction.  Get started by letting us know if you’ve been experiencing any of the following symptoms.

Women: Take The Test

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Why choose The Medical Spa?

We will personalize a plan for you based on your medical history, symptoms and lab results.

Always use bioidentical hormones in the safest form based on your medical history.

Ongoing lab testing and monitoring as indicated.

Management by board-certified physician with many years of experience in BHRT as well as certification in Age Management Medication and Internal Medicine.

After the first visit, we offer Virtual Visits as an option. For patients that travel a great distance or simply for convenience, you can have a virtual visit from the comfort of your home.

The Medical Spa

Dr. Thomas is uniquely qualified to help patients achieve their goals. He is board certified in internal medicine with over 25 years experience. He also trained at Cenegenics with certification in Age Management Medicine in 2012.

Having practiced medicine for many years, we realize that simply giving medications for medical problems is not the best answer. Though medications have their role in medical management, we strive to identify and manage the cause of medical problems with emphasis on prevention.

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